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Longmen machining center

Model:Longmen machining center

Brand:Mai Xingtu

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product description

XY axis adopts MR55 European series roller linear guide, Z axis hard track design; XYZ three axes use precision large diameter lead screws, and apply appropriate pretension; Z axis adopts nitrogen counterweight design; super large column and beam box Type structure support, stable body structure, good overall rigidity, super heavy cutting ability, high precision, high power and high torque spindle. The full-stroke and full-support design of the worktable will not produce deviations due to the suspension of the worktable during machining; the Y-axis stroke lengthening design of all models ensures that the original design processing width can be reached when the side milling cutter is used; all spindle castings The side milling head interface is pre-installed on the end face, and an automatic and semi-automatic side milling head can be installed.
Specification details