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CKX6440ZC (Turning center)

Model:CKX6440ZC (Turning center)

Brand:Mai Xingtu

Sales Hotline: 0573-83017345

product description

The machine tool has a low center of gravity, good overall stability, high rigidity, and stable machining accuracy; it can complete plane milling, drilling, tapping, straight groove, spiral groove and milling, etc., with composite functions such as turning, milling and boring; adopts Taiwan Twelve-station servo-powered rotary turret, with high positioning accuracy, low failure rate, and fast tool change; radial or axial servo power heads can be installed, which can achieve 360-degree arbitrary high-precision indexing and positioning of the spindle, with side drills , Tapping and milling functions, can complete more complex parts processing in one clamping.
Specification details