German innovative machine tools help Chinese users to improve excellent quality

German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association held a touring seminar for top machine tool manufacturers in China

On November 27th, the 2017 Top German Machine Tool Manufacturers Tour Discussion Meeting hosted by the German Machine Tool Manufacturers Association (hereinafter referred to as VDW) was held in Tianjin. 20 top German companies from Germany demonstrated cutting-edge technology and efficient processing in the field of metal processing . It is reported that Tianjin is the first stop of the touring seminar held by VDW in China, followed by Chengdu Station on November 29 and Shenzhen Station on December 1. In response, Dr. Schaefer, Executive Director of VDW, said, “During these three seminars, we have invited companies from the automotive industry and its component suppliers, mechanical and electrical engineering, and aircraft manufacturing industries to participate. China’s machine tool industry interaction and the development of the machinery manufacturing industry provide a perfect communication platform."

The schedule of the seminar was very tight, including Alzmetall, Chiron, Heller, Hermle, and Dicks Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. (Index), Kapp Niles Group (Kapp Niles), Germany Leistritz Production Technology Co., Ltd. (Leistritz), Germany Liebherr Gear Processing Technology Co., Ltd. (Liebherr ), Youjia Industrial Group MAG Industrial Automation System Company (FFG), Germany Oberndorf-Mauser Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Mauser), Mikron (Rotwil) Co., Ltd. (Mikron), Germany Niles• Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt Co., Ltd. (Niles-Simmons-Hegenscheidt), German Open Mind Technology Co., Ltd. (Open Mind), German Peiseler Co., Ltd. (Peiseler), German Samag Machine Tool Co., Ltd. (Samag) , Siemens China Co., Ltd. (Siemens), Germany’s Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen (Schwäbische Werkzeugmaschinen), Starrag Group (StarragHeckert), Germany’s Waldrich Coburg (Waldrich Coburg) and Germany’s WEISSER (Weisser Hightech) ) And many other pioneering companies have presented the high-tech technology of the German machine tool industry. The presentation focused on innovative complete system solutions designed to meet the most stringent requirements for productivity, flexibility, speed and precision. Dr. Schaefer said, "This seminar perfectly reflects the superior strength of German machine tool companies, and will help Chinese users to reach a new level of excellent machine tool quality, thereby enhancing the international competitiveness of Chinese companies."

"As far as Chinese customers are concerned, this seminar is an excellent opportunity to listen to the speeches of many well-known German machine tool manufacturers. These companies will share the most cutting-edge German machine tool products and a series of new processes for different industries." Dr. Schaefer He added, "More importantly, after the speech, Chinese users can interact with representatives of German machine tool companies on the spot and discuss specific issues face to face."

In the first half of 2017, the Chinese machine tool market grew by 4%, reaching approximately 14 billion euros. After Japan, Germany has become the second largest supplier of Chinese industry. In addition to delivering products, German manufacturers are also actively involved in sales, service support, maintenance, installation, training, and production. Currently, the Chinese government has set the goal of improving industrial quality, and in this process, German machine tool companies will be the best partners.

Dr. Schaefer said, “At present, many small and medium-sized Chinese companies have not signed or are not familiar with German suppliers. Our goal in holding this seminar is to make up for this shortcoming and strive to strengthen the relationship between potential German suppliers and Chinese customers. Therefore, the seminar will not only have wonderful speeches from German companies, but also reserve enough time and space to deepen the good relations and close ties between Chinese and German machine tool companies."

"We hope to present the top lineup of the most luxurious global machine tools for Chinese users to express our sincerity. In addition, this seminar also provides an excellent platform for German manufacturers to demonstrate their business capabilities." Dr. Schäfer concluded . In 2016, the total bilateral machine tool trade between China and Germany reached approximately 2 billion euros.


Since 2004, the German Machine Tool Manufacturers' Association (VDW) has been working with local partners to create twice-a-year technical seminars in important export markets. In front of the most important customer groups in the relevant market, German machine tool manufacturers can demonstrate their outstanding business capabilities. Through this format, the seminar brings more German machine tool companies into new markets and regularly visits some interesting growth markets (such as China). Following Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou and other cities in 2012, the second VDW seminar was held in Tianjin, Chengdu and Shenzhen in 2017.  

Nuclear power experts from Armenia, Bangladesh, Belgium, India, Germany, Pakistan, Romania, Sweden, the United States and other countries and regions gathered in Shanghai to share with the guests the outdated management and spare parts of well-known nuclear power companies and operating nuclear power plants in various countries Progress and experience in spare parts list control and replacement.