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Mechanical Engineers

1. Have sufficient experience in the design and manufacture of inclined guideway CNC lathes and machining centers;

2. Familiar with the design and manufacture of ordinary CNC lathes;

3. Ability to carry out independent design, drawing and work implementation, and to arrange the process flow;

4. Have certain insights into auxiliary work such as electrical and sheet metal work;

5. Have certain experience in automation;

6. Have a deeper understanding of the development of the machine tool industry, and be able to manage the standardized operations of the technical department;

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Process Engineer

1. College degree or above, major in machinery related;

2. Familiar with manufacturing process and machining process;

3. Ability to independently design and improve parts processing technology;

4. Master the use of various processing tools.

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Sheet metal engineer

1. Design the inner protection and outer cover of the machine tool;

2. Effectively follow up the protection changes of machine tools that need to be restructured;

3. Manage the relevant protection outsourcing manufacturers and drawings;

4. Have a certain aesthetic thinking and be able to reasonably design the color matching of machine tool accessories;

5. Have working experience in a machine tool company and like to develop into machinery.

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Assistant engineer

1. Follow up product production and organize design data according to design requirements;

2. Compile product information and processing technology in accordance with the product; analyze, research, and update and modify drawings in accordance with requirements; and organize, archive and release;

3. Analyze the problems in production and propose solutions;

4. Provide technical support for the sales department.

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quality engineer

1. Analyze and solve the quality problems in the production process of machine tool accessories;

2. Analyze and solve the quality problems of outsourcing accessories;

3. Analyze and solve the problems arising in the process of machine tool assembly and debugging;

4. Have a certain understanding of production technology and mechanical design;

5. Must have relevant work experience in a machine tool manufacturer.

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Machine tool assembler

1. Assemble CNC lathes, inclined rail lathes and machining centers

2. Have professional machine tool factory work experience and pre-sales and after-sales service experience;

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Machining center operator

1. Machining the bed of the inclined rail lathe, the head of the CNC machine tool, the pallet and other parts;

2. Proficiency in operating horizontal machining centers and vertical machining centers, mainly FANUC systems, etc.;

3. Be able to read drawings and understand certain processing techniques;

4. Diligent, pragmatic, active efforts, machine tool factory or similar product processing experience is preferred.

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Electrical assembler

1. Have more than one year of working experience in a manufacturing enterprise;

2. There is a basis for electrical assembly, able to endure hardships and work overtime.

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Milling machine worker

It mainly processes all kinds of milling machines, processing machine bed, bed foot, pallet, tailstock, etc.

1. Understand the principle of milling machine and understand drawings;

2. More than 2 years of milling machine processing experience, familiar with mechanical processing technology;

3. Proficiency in the use of inspection tools; active work, hard-working, highly self-disciplined, and good teamwork spirit.

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Sales Manager

1. Regional sales of CNC lathes, inclined rail lathes and machining centers;

2. It is required to have a certain understanding of related machine tools and have a certain customer base accumulation;

3. Able to understand after-sales service or simple debugging and maintenance;

4. Hard work and hard work are required.

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Commissioning and maintenance

1. Internal debugging and proofing of CNC lathes and inclined rail lathes. The main systems are Guangshu, Siemens, Fanuc, Mitsubishi, etc.;

2. Understand mechanical maintenance, be able to perform after-sales service at the factory, help customers debug and solve machine tool maintenance problems;

3. Work experience in a professional machine tool factory and experience in pre-sales and after-sales services.

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1. Inspection of relevant mechanical parts of CNC machine tools, including turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc.;

2. It is required to have production and processing experience in relevant types of work, and be able to use relevant measuring tools and testing equipment proficiently, and have certain processing experience;

3. Hardworking, hardworking, hardworking, good communication skills, and able to read drawings;

4. Work experience in a machine tool manufacturing company is preferred.

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After-sales service

1. Responsible for the debugging and testing of CNC machine tools internally;

2. Externally responsible for the commissioning and maintenance of CNC machine tools after sales;

3. Familiar with the debugging and operation of Siemens, FANUC, New Generation and other systems;

4. Have working experience in relevant machine tool companies.

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